Life as a stay-at-home mom

Well, I’m going into the fourth week as a stay-at-home mom.  And, I must say that the situation is more challenging than expected.  Although, my conclusion is that the rewards far outweigh any temporary obstacles. Before dawn breaks, I’m up every 1.5 to 2 hours feeding Skye throughout the night.  Fortunately, she’s been sleeping in the bassinet […]

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Hard Drive Standby / Spin-down / Sleep Script for a Linux Media Server

Reliably spinning-down drives to reduce energy consumption based on inactivity using the traditional hdparm configuration unfortunately isn’t always a working solution. To configure the spin-down of drives based on inactivity relies on the hard drive manufacturer to implement these features correctly in the firmware which apparently isn’t always the case. The two Samsung SpinPoint 1GB […]

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Skye's 1st week home

Last night was our first night putting Skye down… literally.  She was so dissatisfied with the bassinet that she cried over two hours in protest.  But, we held strong and knew it was the best way to go.  Taking turns holding her throughout the day and night just wasn't practical, as Luke and others tried […]

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Announcing Skye Riley Stepniowski

The Stepniowski family is proud to announce our newest member, Skye Riley.  Skye was born on 1/9/09 @ 6:48pm despite a somewhat chaotic chain of events. That morning, we were due at the hospital for the induction at 7am.  Trying to get Aidan up early and out the door on time was a real task, but we […]

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Luke proclaims "I told you so"…

Luke, along with my parents, all agreed it would be impossible for me to wait for nature to take its course and begin labor.  And, it turns out they were right. Unable to wait any longer, I scheduled the delivery of our baby for Friday, 1/9 @ 7am.   Currently, I'm 3cm dilated and 60% effaced, so […]

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All play, no work…

With Luke back at work and Aidan back in school, today was the first day I had at home without a full-time job.  One would think that a certain sense of enjoyment would come from a lack of responsibility on the work-front, but I found that not to be the case.  In the morning, I hit Starbucks as part […]

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Lego Mania – Christmas 2008

Over the past week, we've spent hours putting together Lego kits that Aidan got for Christmas.  Honestly, the kid did a great job on his own and didn't really need a lot of help.  Most of the kits were for 7-12 year olds, so we figured he'd get frustrated.  But, he held his own and took his […]

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