Aidan's Strawberry Yogurt Pops

Aidan did a great job on his homework tonight.  They are learning about cooking this week in preschool, and his assignment was to provide a copy of a favorite recipe to include in boxes they would be making and sharing in class.  Aidan chose a recipe we got out of his monthly magazine High Five.  We […]

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The New & Improved Skye

So, every resource I read indicated that crying maxes out at six weeks and gradually gets better up through three months.  And, it turns out they're right.  Our little "colicky" princess is a totally different person these days.   For example, I was able to cook dinner the other day with her sitting contently next to me.  And, […]

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Book Review – Inside Drucker’s Brain

**Originally published on (3/10/09) Inside Drucker’s Brain. Jeffrey A. Krames. New York: Penguin Group, 2008. 278 pp. Every now and then, a little treasure of a book comes along and provides some insightful information that you may already know but haven’t given any thought to in a while. Inside Drucker’s Brain, by Jeffrey Krames, […]

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Earth Day Picnic & Scavenger Hunt

Join us in celebration of Earth Day on April 19th @ 11am.  We’re planning a potluck style picnic, along with a scavenger hunt and arts/crafts for the kids. We were unable to reserve the shelter that we normally get, but Luke has agreed to get there at the crack of dawn and reserve the other spot by the […]

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Aidan holds Skye

Aidan wanted to hold Skye today, so I couldn't resist taking a picture.  Lately, he has really started getting involved with her.  When she cries, he'll offer her a toy or give her a kiss.  And, the other day he even offered her puppy!  He's turning out to be quite the big brother. 🙂

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday mom!  I hope you’re having a great time on your trip! xoxo – Jenn (& family)

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Hooray for School Choice!

We were excited to get Aidan’s acceptance letter into Hunter’s Green Elementary yesterday.  Thanks to the Hillsborough County School Choice program, we were able to apply for a school outside of our assigned placement and were pleased to get our first and only choice. Hunter’s Green is a National Blue Ribbon winner and is said […]

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