Hooray for School Choice!

We were excited to get Aidan’s acceptance letter into Hunter’s Green Elementary yesterday.  Thanks to the Hillsborough County School Choice program, we were able to apply for a school outside of our assigned placement and were pleased to get our first and only choice.

Hunter’s Green is a National Blue Ribbon winner and is said to be within the top 1% of the nation.  While I can’t say anything really bad about Pride Elementary, except for the new cell tower going in, Hunter’s Green has always been where we wanted our kids to go.  It’s equal distance to the house and offers education that we feel trumps even the most expensive private schools we looked at.  So, it’s a win-win.  We save thousands of dollars a year and Aidan still gets the education he deserves.

Now, whether or not I’m ready for my little boy to start school… well, that’s another story.

Posted by jenn on 09:03 pm - Wednesday March 04 2009

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