The New & Improved Skye

So, every resource I read indicated that crying maxes out at six weeks and gradually gets better up through three months.  And, it turns out they're right.  Our little "colicky" princess is a totally different person these days.   For example, I was able to cook dinner the other day with her sitting contently next to me.  And, I've been able to take complete showers without total breakdowns.  We've been able to enjoy dinner as a family without all of the screaming, and I'm even able to play Legos with Aidan again.  Whew…

As for sleep, Skye is doing great.  The last few nights, she's slept from 7pm until about 1am and then sleeps through until about 6am.  And, that's without the terrible early morning tummy aches she was having.  I'm so relieved that my diet adjustments, or something, has given her some relief from all that gas!  Unfortunately, my diet adjustments haven't resulted in any weight loss on my part, but I'm hoping this new Skye will allow me to start exercising a little. My goal for this week is to finally use the Wii Fit.

The sleep situation is kind of funny.  With both kids, I found myself thinking things were so easy that first week.  And then as I moved into the weeks that followed, I entered a kind of delirious state that was obviously caused from my inability to sleep any longer than 2-3 hours at a time.  The other night when she slept until 1am, I woke up and finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  I really felt like everything was going to be OK now that sleep was an option again.  Even though she's getting a little big for the bassinet, I'm going to keep her in our room for another few weeks.   It's just so convenient to have her right there next to me.

Also, we're working on a pretty good nap schedule.  She'll go in her bedroom crib around 9am and sleep for about an hour or so.  We're still working on the afternoon naps, but it's actually kind of hard to maintain any kind of regularity with two kids.  When it was just Aidan, Luke and I would plan our days around his naps and made sure he was in bed at 10am and 1pm.  Now, poor Skye has to catch naps whenever she can while we're holding her.

As for regular activities, we've pretty much resumed our normal lives.  This weekend, we had double birthday parties on Saturday and Skye handled it like a real trooper.  She actually shines whenever we're out.  I think she enjoys the stimulation over the quiet of the house.

Oh, we did have her two month doctor's appointment last week.  She's almost 12lbs and in the 90 percentile for both height and weight!  The doctor did have some concern for a rash that's on her face and indicated we may be facing eczema again like we did with Aidan.  He told me I really needed to watch my diet.  Between Crohn's diet considerations and the breastfeeding considerations, there's really not much that I can eat.  I'm left wondering why I'm not dropping the pounds, but junk food is most likely the answer there!

Poor Aidan also went to the doctor for his last two immunizations but couldn't get them because it turns out he has bronchitis.  And, he's dehydrated.  So, we've got him on ten days of antibiotics and lots of fluids.  As a side note, it turns out the poor kid was getting high from the cough medication the doctor prescribed.  His teachers told me he was spinning around during circle time talking about everything being imaginary.  And, he came out and told me and Luke that he didn't feel like himself.  Needless to say, we're just letting him cough and hoping the antibiotics work very quickly!

Posted by jenn on 09:03 pm - Sunday March 15 2009

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