Aidan's Graduation Song & Speech

Kiss Your Brain What Aidan wants to learn in kindergarten…

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Aidan Graduates VPK

Aidan graduated preschool today, and I just couldn't believe how big my little boy had gotten when I saw him standing up there with his class.  He started Bright Horizons when he was two, and now seeing him graduate and leave for kindergarten is like an end of an era. The ceremony itself was really cute.  The […]

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Skye Eats Cereal – Aidan is a Rock Star

Although the holiday weekend isn't over, I certainly feel like I've had my share of excitement.  Saturday, we left for St. Pete in the morning to celebrate Riley's 2nd birthday party.  We couldn't miss a Workman shindig.  Of course, it poured all the way over… Then, at around noon, we left for a second birthday party […]

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Aunt VJ & Aunt Pat Visit

This past week, my Aunt VJ and Aunt Pat drove down to visit my parents for a few days.  On Saturday, I went with them to see Angels & Demons.  Granted, while it was a good movie, it certainly wasn’t Star Trek.  I can’t even believe I went to a movie theater and didn’t see this.  In fact, I took Aidan […]

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Skye sleeps in her own bed

As I write this, Skye is sleeping soundly in her own room.  While she does sleep in her crib for naps during the day, I had waited as long as possible to move her from the bassinet during the evening hours.  This was mostly to avoid me having to walk across the house each time I got up […]

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Skye's 4 Month Check-Up

Skye met with Dr. Hoyos today for her four month check-up.  She's 14lbs and 25" long now, which puts here right in the 50 percentile.  In the next week or so, I'm hoping to start her on some oatmeal.  We're skipping the rice cereal for now because of her eczema and chance she might be sensitive to […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

It took too many years for me to realize it, but it turns out that moms are pretty special.  I guess that’s not true.  I think we see some of their importance when we’re children.  We know that their job is to protect and love us no matter what, and that’s inarguably special.  But, as we get […]

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CCFA Take Steps 2009 – Team GottaGo!

Well, the day finally arrived when it was time to walk for a cause. I’ve always thought the idea of a fundraising walk was pretty cool, so I admit I jumped at the chance to be involved with one that was related to Crohn’s. I actually signed up before Skye was born, so my participation […]

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