From Boob to Bottle

Much unlike Aidan, Skye made the transition from boob to bottles effortlessly.  I'm about a week earlier than I had planned, but the opportunity presented itself so I took it before she changed her mind.  I do have to admit my boobs are not very happy about the situation.  I'm hoping they "adjust" very quickly.  Oh, I just can't wait for them […]

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Book Review – What Would Google Do?

**Originally published on (6/3/09) What Would Google Do?. Jeff Jarvis. New York: HarperCollins, 2009. 257pp. WWGD? BuzzMachine blogger and journalist extraordinaire Jeff Jarvis takes a closer look at Google’s actions in his latest book, literally asking the question What Would Google Do? I admit that if I had a time machine, I would find […]

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Summer Fun Fridays – Xtreme Adventures

Instead of Chuck E Cheese, we decided to give Xtreme Adventures a try for Summer Fun Fridays this week.  It just opened, so I figured it was worth a try. My mom joined us, as well as Darlene and her kids Daniel and Michael.  Laser tag and “laser frenzy” seemed pretty cool, but Aidan isn’t big enough […]

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Bright Horizons – Field Trip Hell

So, when Aidan started attending Bright Horizons when he was two, the big deal for him each summer was seeing the “big kids” get on the buses to go on field trips.  So, I was so excited this year because he would finally be able to participate. First of all, the summer program in general […]

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Summer Fun Fridays – Bowling

As the first of the Summer Fun Fridays that I have initiated, my mom and I took Aidan bowling at University AMF.  We attended a birthday party there not so long ago, and they seemed to accommodate the little ones very well with the bumpers.  I admit I actually kind of like the bumpers as well! Skye came with […]

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Skye’s Reflux & Aidan’s Cough

Fowling in Aidan’s steps, it has become clear that Skye is having reflux issues.  At first, the signs were subtle.  I noticed she was starting to spit up quite a bit.  By quite a bit, I mean she was spitting up puddles anytime you laid her down and some of the time when you were […]

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