Rockin’ the Southeast – Stepniowski Road Trip

Tomorrow morning, the Stepniowski clan will hit the road in our pimpin’ new mini van.  Pit stops include:

  • Savannah, GA
  • Asheville, NC
    • We’re staying at Biltmore for a few days and hoping to explore Grandfather Mountain.  I’m also hoping Skye and Aidan will be cool with checking out the winery on-site. 🙂
  • Helen, GA
    • We’re staying in a cabin that’s hopefully as awesome as the picture.  Hiking, BBQs, and R&R are all expected!
  • Stone Mountain, GA
    • We’re staying at the Evergreen Marriott in the park and hope to get some of that excellent German food at the restaurant right outside the entrance.   This time, I hope we catch the laser show!

Updates to follow…

PS: Thanks for keeping an eye on things while we’re away mom & dad!  Don’t tell me if any of my fish meet a horrible fate.  We’ll be back soon… just in time for Aidan to say farewell to his friends at Bright Horizons and gear up for kindergarten at Hunter’s Green the following week. 🙂

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