2009 Road Trip – Savannah, GA

The first stop on our southeast road tour was Savannah, GA.  I've always wanted to check it out, and it seemed like a perfect pit stop on what would be our nine day adventure. 

The drive up went fairly quickly, although the "are we there yet?" comments did start about two hours in.  Fortunately, Luke had purchased a Garmin Nuvi to help us out along the way.  I admit it was an invaluable resource throughout the trip! 

I had originally booked reservations at the Hilton but later cancelled them for reasons I can't recall.  I went with Four Points @ Sheraton instead thinking it was going to meet my expectations… I am a noted hotel snob, which isn't something I'm proud of. Unfortunately, I can't say that Four Points made the grade!  Issues noted include:

  1. For $190 a night, a valet should be there to help you get your stuff out.   Instead, we were greeted by a stoner valet that wasn't actually a valet at all.  And, with only three roller carts in the whole hotel, it became a scavenger hunt to find one. 
  2. At 5pm, our room wasn't even ready.  We were asked to have a seat while someone cleaned one for us.  And, it turned out we got a room with a queen and pullout instead of the two doubles I had reserved… total disappointment! 
  3. The hotel itself, which claimed to be "new" looked terrible inside.  The walls of the hallways were destroyed and there was some kind of strange material on the elevator door.  Oh, and there were rotting flowers in soupy water on display that no one changed during our entire stay. It was gross!
  4. The room was consistent with everything else.  Luke even referred to the pullout as the "prison bed".   Oddly enough, Luke did end up sleeping with Aidan on the "prison bed" because we failed to pack the entire Pack N' Play and had to accommodate Skye on the queen.  Travelling with the Stepniowskis is always an adventure!
  5. The location wasn't central at all, as advertised.  We did a lot more walking than expected and it was kind of hot! (Note that walking wouldn't be a big deal usually, but a five year old and a seven month old in tow does pose pretty specific issues when it comes to things like that)

So, aside from the disappointment that was our hotel, Savannah was really cool. That evening, we headed out to the Riverfront for the Ghost Hunters Tour.  Part of the tour included getting out and exploring the Sorrel-Weed House.  Aidan didn't get as spooked as I thought he would, but he did enjoy himself.  Luke didn't really care for the tour either way, but I thought it was pretty awesome.  It's a great way to get Savannah history with a twist.

After the tour, we walked through the Riverfront and got some gelato.  Aidan and Skye were particularly entertained by the street performers, with Aidan totally blown away by the break dancers.  Poor Skye was up way past her bedtime, but she handled it with grace and didn't complain at all.

The next morning, we packed up the mini van again and headed out for our second stop, the Inn at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.  Savannah was everything I thought it would be (except for the hotel), so I'm glad we had an opportunity to explore a little.  I can totally imagine Luke and me at one of the bars on the Riverfront hanging out with beers in hand listening to some live music… but, at this point in time we were just as happy to enjoy time with the kids.

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