2009 Road Trip – Asheville, NC

From Savannah, we loaded up once again for the 2nd leg of our southeast road trip.  Our destination was Biltmore, in Asheville, NC.  The Vanderbilt estate is something I’ve always wanted to check out, and it was just far enough away from Savannah to avoid any issues with the kids in the car.  With the Nuvi guiding our way and me at the helm, the trip was smooth sailing.

I was relieved to have finally spotted a Starbucks, which was conveniently located at the entrance.  It seems my perception of Starbucks being around every corner was inaccurate!  Life outside of 33647 certainly is different!

Biltmore estate is truly amazing… I don’t know a better way to say it!  There are literally thousands of acres of natural beauty surrounding several key points of interest. After the Sheraton experience in Savannah, we were really hoping that the Inn at Biltmore would be everything we expected it to be.  And, I must say the place couldn’t have been more awesome.  Everyone working there is helpful and genuinely pleasant.  And, the hotel itself is immaculate… the whole experience invokes a sense of instant relaxation.  They even brought us a little crib for Skye to sleep in since we failed to bring the complete Pack N’ Play setup.  I should add something here about the general conservative “tone” of the guests there.  The Stepniowski crew did represent Florida well, with Luke wearing his “I Make Good Babies” shirt and Aidan running around like a wild cowboy.  I kind of enjoy stirring things up every now and then. 🙂

That evening, we ate at the Winery Bistro where most of the food is produced on the grounds.  Granted, the place wasn’t cheap, but the vegetable raveoli I ate was amazing.  And, Luke added that his steak was pretty darn awesome as well.  The service was consistent with that of the hotel and the kids cooperated in letting us enjoy a glass of wine with our fare.  The walk from the Inn to the Winery was even pleasant, looking upon rolling hills and manicured beauty.

The next day, we decided to check out the Biltmore home.  After enjoying lunch on the hotel veranda, we made a quick pit stop to Target to get a new Pack N’ Play for Skye, as well as some other essentials.  We made it to to the Biltmore house with one hour to spare.  But, it was enough time for a self-guided tour.  And, I think that’s about all Aidan would have held up.  I guess I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t find the home as amazing as we did.

That evening, I took my little man out to Chuck E Cheese so Skye could catch up on her sleep.  We picked up some fast food on the way back and crashed.  Luke had hooked up our shows so we didn’t have to be exposed to the evils of cable.  Very nice, indeed… especially when you’ve got two kids and are trapped in the confines of a hotel room until morning.

The next day, Luke and Aidan were scheduled to go kayaking.  But, the trip was cancelled due to inclement weather.  But, we did have time for a quick tour of the winery and a tasting.  Neither Luke nor myself thought the wine was anything too special so we didn’t purchase any on our way out.

Later, we hit Asheville’s Fun Depot.  I think it would be an understatement to say that Aidan enjoyed himself, even though the place did have some kind of religious undertone to it.   Actually, I think both Luke and Aidan had a lot of fun.   They hit the indoor and outdoor go carts and Aidan finally got to try laser tag.  I guess I wasn’t surprised by how much Aidan enjoyed laser tag… the kid looks for any opportunity to shoot stuff!  Tired and “funned out”, we picked up Olive Garden to go and headed back to the Inn to close out our last evening.

Our stay at Biltmore was amazing.  But, the 3rd leg of our trip had approached and it was time pack up the mini van once again and head out to our cabin in Helen, GA.  I would love to visit Biltmore again at Christmas!

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