2009 Road Trip – Stone Mountain, GA

After eight nights away from home, I can say that we were ready to wrap up the vacation and sleep in our own beds.  But, we had one last pit stop at Stone Mountain, GA to go.  It was a one night stop that was supposed to break up the trip back to Tampa.

We had gone to Stone Mountain Park last year and really enjoyed it.  We stayed at the Evergreen Marriott, which is centrally located there.  We decided to stay there again, partly so we could eat at the Village Corner German Restaurant nearby. I guess there’s a sense of irony there since we had just left Helen… but, this place blows anywhere we ate in Helen away.  We actually ate there twice during our last stay!

As for the hotel, I can’t complain.  We arrived around 3pm and found out everything in the park was going to close at 5pm.  So, we rushed to get over there and picked the Skye Hike adventure to do.  But, it turns out Aidan wasn’t tall enough so we traded in our tickets for the Summit Skyride.  It felt like it was boiling outside, and all of us were just stifled in the heat.  We hiked up to the lift since we hadn’t parked accordingly and was relieved that there wasn’t a long wait.  They do jam pack in you like sardines, and I can’t say the ride itself is that pleasant of an experience.  But, exploring the top of the “mountain” is pretty cool.  And, Aidan always seems to get excited about it!

It started pouring just as we were leaving, so the timing worked out OK.  Aidan and Luke went swimming after we got back to the hotel, and I hooked Skye up with a private little area of the room so she could catch up on her rest.  That little girl sure can sleep! The rest of us ended up eating BBQ chicken sandwiches in the dark later that night, just so we wouldn’t wake her up.

The next morning, we loaded up the mini van one last time and headed home.  The drive was long and restless, as the final journey on any vacation usually is.  The last three hours were particularly difficult for Skye.  She protested being strapped into her chair for so long and didn’t appreciate my multiple stops to Starbucks.  We were so surprised how happy she was to be home… she greeted all of her toys with such genuine emotion.  It was really cute!  And, Aidan was kind of bummed that the vacation was over, which made us think he really had a great time. 🙂

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