Aidan gets spanked

Aidan made it over five years without getting spanked.  I was always adamant that it wasn't the right way to discipline a child because it teaches them to deal with frustration through violence.  Luke felt differently, but let me try things my way and figured I would come around sooner or later… and, I did. Last night, I reached […]

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Skye is crawling… finally

So, I finally started putting Skye down after holding her all the time for eight months.  I figured it was time she started crawling… After a week or two of coaxing, she did finally start scooting around just a few days ago.  And, now she's pulling herself up and can hold her own weight when standing.  […]

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Aidan’s Antics

Well, it appears that the start of kindergarten has brought about a change in our little prince Aidan.  The first week of school went swimmingly, with no problems at all.  Aidan stayed on the “green” in the behavior tree and even made a few friends.  We considered the whole ordeal a success… until week two. The […]

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Labor Day Weekend 2009

Labor Day is always a significant time of the year for Luke and I because the 1st is our anniversary.  I’m proud to say that we’ve been married eight years now and still going strong!  With two kids, the anniversary celebration this year included take-out thai from Jasmine eaten over a vinyl tablecloth and both kids […]

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New Seminar – Marketing & eMarketing for Small Business @ USF Sarasota

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a new seminar starting next January for the USF Executive & Professional Education Center, in Sarasota.  It’s a new program at the university, and I’m told the website will be up in October. The course I’ll be teaching is Marking & eMarketing for Small Business. Small businesses […]

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