Labor Day Weekend 2009

Labor Day is always a significant time of the year for Luke and I because the 1st is our anniversary.  I’m proud to say that we’ve been married eight years now and still going strong!  With two kids, the anniversary celebration this year included take-out thai from Jasmine eaten over a vinyl tablecloth and both kids trying to communicate rather loudly.  But, it was perfect.

For the actual holiday weekend, Aidan slept over with his granparents on Saturday night and we spent the evening with DJ and Tracy.  For two folks we used to see quite often, it’s not uncommon for us to get together once or twice a year now that life has signifcantly changed for all of us.

I picked up Aidan on Sunday.  My folks (AKA “the grandparents”) were also celebrating their 35th anniversary… now, that is a long time!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Lettuce Lake Park.  Forgetting the bicycle helmet, we all walked the boardwalk and spent some time at the playground.  It was HOT, but nice!

On Monday, we ditched chores and grocery shopping for a day in Sarasota, which included lunch at Columbia and collecting shells at Lido.  Fun stuff!

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