Aidan’s Antics

Well, it appears that the start of kindergarten has brought about a change in our little prince Aidan.  The first week of school went swimmingly, with no problems at all.  Aidan stayed on the “green” in the behavior tree and even made a few friends.  We considered the whole ordeal a success… until week two.

The 2nd week of school presented us with a whole other side of Aidan, one in which we’ve always called “Adrian”.  To spare the memories, I will just say that there was a lot of screaming, door slamming, “blue” and “yellows” on the behavior tree and an incident to trump all other incidents.

Last week, Aidan told his teacher that he was having meltdowns about the behavior tree colors because his parents beat him when he wasn’t on green!  Yes… and, by law the teacher should have reported it but told me she didn’t think anything was going on based on Aidan’s tendency to tell other fibs.  And, I’m there every morning to drop him off, wait for him personally at the gate and so on.. and so on.  Mortified, I actually shed tears over the whole thing, which was totally humiliating.

Needless to say, there was an appropriate punishment that day.  And, Aidan really shaped up at the end of the week.  But, his attitude is still there, no matter how hard he tries.  He’s like an angsty teenager or something, always walking around talking about how much he hates something or just “doesn’t care”.  I’ll admit it’s a little concerning.

As we see more and more of Aidan returning, we’ll also be dealing with switching kindergarten classes/teachers.  After emailing the principal and pleading for Aidan to stay, it turns out he was one of the five from each class that will go towards creating two more classes… thanks to poor planning.

I did meet the teacher this morning, and everything seems like it’s going to be fine.  I’m calling it a “do over” to give us a fresh 2nd chance at making that first impression. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Posted by jenn on 12:09 pm - Monday September 14 2009

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