Aidan gets two thumbs up!

I attended Aidan’s first parent-teacher conference at Hunter’s Green Elementary last night and was very pleased to discover that Aidan is perfect (at school). 🙂 It appears that the focus and hyperactivity issues we were having in pre-school are no longer a problem.  Ms. Cosentino says he sits still and is a careful listener.  She also […]

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Disney Family Fun Not So Fun

Last spring, I came across a pretty cool publication that included a lot of different project ideas for kids.  A subscription was only $10, so I went ahead and gave it a try.  And, I even went as far as recommending it to a few friends. The first issue took a while to get here, and it […]

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Bootable Install Media from Windows 7 Upgrade

Microsoft announced that it will be offering Windows 7 Home Premium upgrades at a discounted price of $30.00 for a limited time to students. To take advantage of the discount you simply must have a .edu email address and make your way over to the Windows 7 Online Store. Once purchased you are immediately able […]

Public Education Woes

Well, let me tell you that life within the public education system is much different than expected.  And, my expectations weren’t really set that high to start with.  The whole experience so far has been somewhat surprising because I felt we were somehow going to be exempt from all of these problems going to a […]

Skye’s 9 Month Check-Up

Skye’s nine month check-up was actually last week, but I’ve been spending too much time updating Twitter to focus on Majjix posts…lol But, seriously, it’s so hard to believe that my little girl is almost a year old.  And, she seems to be perfect in every way.  She’s crawling around, waving hello, clapping, lifting herself […]

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Say What AT&T?

OK, having gone through a number of cell phone providers through work and such, I realize that they all kind of suck when it comes down to it.  Either your reception sucks, the customer service sucks, etc.  But, I’ve reached a new level of disappointment in my latest interaction with AT&T Wireless. In order to […]