Skye says “hi”

Really… Skye says “hi” now and waves.  It’s really cute! And, she’s getting in two more teeth up top and has finally started eating food with a little texture to it.  I’m going to dabble with the food processor at some point to try and whiz up some culinary creations.

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Thanksgiving 2009

We went with the “potluck” theme again for Thanksgiving this year… it’s a genius idea really.  Our oven is still unpredictable (AKA broken), so making a turkey or anything requiring some time behind it is almost impossible.  We divided up the meal to create a massive feast of gluttonous proportions. Of course, I managed to […]

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So long tonsils & adenoids

Poor Aidan was once again called to the operation table… only this time it was to remove his tonsils and adenoids. It’s been a couple of years since our pediatrician started warning of his enlarged tonsils, and I admit that the poor kid always seemed to have a runny nose and cough.  Sinus infections get […]

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What’s new?

Well, this is my attempt at finally posting something to our new site.  It seems I’ve been caught up with Twitter updates and all of the other chaotic stuff that comes with life as a full-time mom that works too.  If it weren’t for my iPhone, I probably would go insane. Anyway, so what’s going […]

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