Thanksgiving 2009

We went with the “potluck” theme again for Thanksgiving this year… it’s a genius idea really.  Our oven is still unpredictable (AKA broken), so making a turkey or anything requiring some time behind it is almost impossible.  We divided up the meal to create a massive feast of gluttonous proportions. Of course, I managed to over cook the Dinner Done pecan pie that I was told would be “so simple”… lol.  And, the corn casserole was more like corn toast when it came out.  Fortunately, we had so much other food it didn’t really matter.

So, Greta and Garry appear to be doing very well… Greta’s recent neck/back laser surgery seemed to really be helping her out.   And, Oma joined us this year with my folks and they are all doing well too.  Kelly and Lance even joined us this year, which was a very nice addition.  Aidan felt really special to have his former teacher over… he’s such a ham!

Oh, Aidan and I actually made the napkin rings and centerpiece leaves this year.  It really turned out pretty cute.  When asked what he was most thankful for so we could write it on the back of the leaves, he responded “birthdays, nature & the sun, family and the house.”   Of course, Skye supervised the process.

Time with spent with family and friends always seems to be an adventure, which makes Thanksgiving up there as a holiday favorite.

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