Phillips Reunion – 2010

Every few years, the Phillips clan gathers together to catch up on all that’s new.  When my grandmother was alive, it seems she insisted that this event take place much more often, but I guess everyone does the best they can with busy schedules and such. The Phillips clan, as I refer to them, is […]

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Skye’s 1st Birthday

As soon as the holidays ended, Skye’s birthday rolled around on January 9th.  Because of that, as well as the weather conditions, we decided to have a more intimate celebration at home with just family.  Hopefully, she won’t hold that against me one day when she realizes that Aidan had a big picnic celebration at […]

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Welcome 2010… Happy New Year!

Here’s to the end of 2009… an eventful year that welcomed Skye into the world, started Aidan in kindergarten, gave Luke a new employer and much more! This is one year that I certainly can’t complain about.  🙂 To each of our family and friends, here’s to a happy, healthy and auspicious 2010…

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