Skye’s 1st Birthday

As soon as the holidays ended, Skye’s birthday rolled around on January 9th.  Because of that, as well as the weather conditions, we decided to have a more intimate celebration at home with just family.  Hopefully, she won’t hold that against me one day when she realizes that Aidan had a big picnic celebration at Lettuce Lake!  But, I did do my best to make it festive.  We went all out with the decorations and cake, so it did feel like a big party even though it wasn’t.

My parents, oma, Garry and Greta came to celebrate with us.  Luke grilled out in the freezing cold, and we made some of Skye’s favorites that included fruit and french fries.  Oh, how she loves the french fries!  When we got to the cake, Skye just didn’t want to eat it.  Of course, she smashed it all up and made a big mess (good photo ops), but I’m not sure that any actually went into her mouth.  Such a pity, because it was a pretty darn good cake.  A quick bath, change of clothes and a nap quickly ensued.

Although Christmas had just passed, there was no shortage of birthday presents.  She scored a new wardrobe and several new toys, including a little rocking horse that she’s terrified of.  She won’t even get near the thing, so we had to put it in the closet for now.  It’s actually pretty cute, so maybe she’ll come around at some point.

The first question from everyone I see seems to be… “is she walking yet?”.  Well, the answer is no.  And, to be perfectly honest, I’m not in such a rush for her to do so.  You don’t see many preschoolers crawling around, so I’m certain it will happen at some point.  So, for now, I’m enjoying being able to catch her very easily when she starts doing something she’s not supposed to.  As soon as she’s walking, I doubt there will be much rest as I’m running around chasing her everywhere.  She is walking around holding stuff, so it’s not like progress isn’t being made.

All in all, it was a great day.  Celebrating my daughter’s first year of life was both a happy and a sad occasion.  Knowing that we won’t have any other babies around makes it sad because I know she won’t be cute and cuddly forever.  But, I know from my experience with Aidan that each year brings new and exciting surprises that make it all worthwhile.

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