Hunter’s Green Elementary School Field Day

Aidan participated in his first Field Day this afternoon, as part of Cosentino’s Cubs at Hunter’s Green Elementary.  The kids were pumped as they entered the field and participated in the various events that included competitions like the sack race and tug-of-war.  My mom joined us and ended up with Skye duty… 🙂

I couldn’t help but recall my own field days way back when… I always looked forward to the BMX race on the clay track and the pole climb.  I remember shaving the skin of my shins more than once trying to get up the rusty pole as quickly as possible.  In fact, Aidan now wears my Snail’s Stegosaurus shirt from back then!

He did a great job today!


Photos: Field Day Gallery

Posted by jenn on 07:04 pm - Friday April 23 2010 ,

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