VA Field Trip

I was recently fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the FTE HSBC Institute on the Environment & the Economy series up in Irvington, VA.  Truth be told, a former EMBA professor and friend invited me after I had assisted with some redesign work on the agendas.

Two flights and a two hour drive through a gorgeous VA countryside landed me at The Tides Inn.  It’s an absolutely beautiful resort that’s nestled perfectly on the Chesapeake Bay.  The first evening, we took the hotel’s recommendation and tried out Oogywawas (the translation now escapes me) for dinner.  I swear they had the best crab cakes and fried pickles with blue cheese that I’ve ever had… and, the outdoor seating on the deck made the experience even better.

The lectures that followed Saturday through Monday exceeded any expectations I had.  There were about 35 teachers in attendance, with subject matter covering basic economic concepts through creative and interactive class simulations.  There are several that I’m already looking forward to using next fall! Don, FTE and the Virginia Council on Economic Education really did a great job with the planning of it all. The people I had the opportunity to meet within these organizations were all very dedicated and interesting individuals.  I really enjoyed spending time with everyone!

The field trip we took on Monday included a tour of Omega Protein.  Their sustainability efforts are comprehensive and noble.  And, the tour regarding how they capture and process the little Menhaden fish was truly interesting.  Shortly afterwards, we left for the Reedville Fishing Museum where we were fortunate enough to receive personalized tours and lunch with a few of the locals.  The remainder of the seminar continued in the old schoolhouse, which the two gentlemen I had spoken with once attended. Special props go out to Don and Brad for keeping the content interesting and dynamic.

As we headed back to Norfolk on Monday afternoon, we stopped through Colonial Williamsburg and walked around for a few.  It was actually pretty cool to stand on the same streets that our founding fathers once did… it really is an amazing little town that’s so different than anything we have here in FL.

While I had an amazing few days hanging out with great people and learning new things, I also missed the crew and was incredibly happy to return to their smiling faces. Skye and Aidan were kept thoroughly entertained by Luke.  They even managed to make it to Busch Gardens and Sarasota Beach and didn’t miss a beat when it came to cleaning up the house and taking care of grocery shopping.  🙂

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