Aidan’s “Why” Responses

I cracked open The Big Honkin’ Activity Book for Aidan today as an effort to break up the rainy day inside.  One of the activities includes a list of “why” questions that I enjoyed hearing the answers to… Why is the sky blue?  Because plants need to see. Why do dogs chase cats? Because they want […]

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Visit me @ ijenn

For whatever reason, I decided to create a separate site where I could post miscellaneous things that aren’t necessarily family related.  Luke registered me the domain and helped me setup a WordPress site.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out so far, but we’ll have to see how far the momentum goes.

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Long time, no see…

Luke’s grandmother, uncle and cousin have arrived from Poland and will be staying with his mom through early August.  We met them over at Garry’s house on Saturday and were so excited to see everyone again!  Luke’s grandmother had not yet met Skye or Aidan so that was pretty special.  Luke and Aidan met up […]

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Happy Father’s Day

You can’t argue that dads are pretty important to the family dynamic. My dad and Luke are two of the coolest people I know.  And, since it’s Father’s Day, I figured it would be nice to let them know my top five reasons for thinking they’re so awesome… 1) They always put family first… no matter […]

Aidan Graduates Kindergarten

The last day of kindergarten, I told myself I would be strong and not cry.  But, I walked through the door, saw Ms. Cosentino and totally welled up.  It was a rough year, considering the accusations of abuse, change of instructor, broken heating system, flooding and subsequent mold issues. But, on that last day, I […]

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Aidan’s Creative Writing Assignment – Zombies

Aidan will be graduating kindergarten next week and with that has completed an assignment Luke and I are certainly proud of.  In class today, he was asked to write a short story based on whatever interested him.  His story received an “E+” grade, which is the highest you can get.  Here is the unedited version… […]

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