Happy Father’s Day

You can’t argue that dads are pretty important to the family dynamic. My dad and Luke are two of the coolest people I know.  And, since it’s Father’s Day, I figured it would be nice to let them know my top five reasons for thinking they’re so awesome…

1) They always put family first… no matter what.

2) Putting up with my mom and I isn’t always an easy task.  They do it without breaking a sweat (most of the time).

3) They’re totally fun to hang out with.

4) They make me laugh… all the time.

5) They’re smart(asses).  I can’t help but love that about both of them.

To summarize it nicely and to quote from the ever so awesome Trailer Park Boys, “That’s just what good dads do.”  And, Ricky really hit on something important there.  Being a dad isn’t so hard, but being a good dad is certainly a different story.  My dad and Luke no doubt fall into the category of super awesome.

Aidan’s contribution to Father’s Day this year was a poem.  Here it is:


Dads are cool.

Dads are great.

Dads rule!

My dad is great because he is lovable.

Dads love to wrestle and play.

I love mine every day!


So, Happy Father’s Day… not only to my two favorite dads but to all of those courageous souls out there that tackle the challenges of parenthood with style and gusto.

Posted by jenn on 09:06 pm - Saturday June 19 2010

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