Boy Scouts of America – Letter to Hunter’s Green Elementary

Ms. Tonelli,

Aidan came home from school yesterday and had advised me that someone from the Boy Scouts was there promoting the organization and talking about a registration meeting they would be having.  He was very interested in the idea of camping and doing fun outdoor activities with friends.  But, I was put in the position of explaining what I would have hoped you would have realized before allowing them access to the school.

My first concern is the obvious church and state separation issue.  As you know, BSA is funded primarily by religious organizations and does not allow members to choose to abstain from religious ideology (agnostics or atheists).  As a state and federally funded institution, I think it’s inappropriate for them to have been allowed to solicit their organization to the students. Anytime you incorporate “God” and the ideals that follow an organized religion, you are crossing a line that was laid out very clearly by our country’s founding fathers.

Aside from that, BSA is very open about their discrimination policies regarding sexual preference.  My husband and I feel strongly that people should not be judged or discriminated against for any reason.  When a trusted source such as a school supports an organization that says that kind of behavior is OK, it gives our kids the wrong idea of what’s right and what’s wrong regarding how to treat people.  It’s my understanding that Hunter’s Green has very specific policies relating to behavior and respect (PAWS). I’m not sure how this is slipping through the cracks as an exception.  I think it presents a certain amount of inconsistency and shows lack judgement on the part of the school.

Please understand that I felt obligated to take the time and express this sentiment to you because I’m hoping you’ll take what I’m saying into consideration for any future decisions relating to who gets access to our kids on taxpayer funded school property.


Jennifer Stepniowski

Posted by jenn on 10:09 am - Thursday September 16 2010 ,

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  • Justin says:

    Ahh, I remember those days, when i was at Hunters Green as a child they had a day for the BSA to recruit more kids. I like this article, make sense to me.