Happy Holidays!

Well, we have approached the end of another year.  And, I’m thinking this one has been the busiest yet!  From chasing Skye around, getting Aidan from Kindergarten to 1st grade, taking on new classes at HCC, staying busy with Pro QC and doing all the other mundane stuff in between, I can honestly say that I’m pooped.  However, while I say this has been the busiest year, it’s also been one of the best, no doubt!

Since Skye’s 1st birthday last January, she’s started walking, talking and developing herself as a unique little person.  Her quest for independence and general lack of respect for authority is making Luke and I pull our hair out now, but will for sure make her into one powerful chick when she’s all grown up!  She adores Sesame Street and has fun adventures with her little Ernie doll on a daily basis.  She loves exploring outside and rocks at Gymboree classes.   She has the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen!

Aidan has also developed so much this year! He’s still into LEGOs and has such a wonderful imagination.  He’s never without something to say and can always be counted on for a hug! Aside from being our little math whiz, he loves to read and has accelerated so quickly in such a short time. He’s our little man, and we’re so proud of him!  We really couldn’t have asked for two better kids! 🙂

As for the rest of the family, we can’t complain.  We’re all healthy and happy and hoping for another year of the same!  I’m so thankful to have my folks living so close by.  My mom comes over a few times each week to hang out with Skye and both of them regularly pick up Aidan for fun sleepovers and outings.  We’re very lucky to have them in our lives! Oma has been living with them for a few months now… what more can I say about that? Greta is still very happy with Garry, and we really do think he’s pretty awesome.  Their lives are full of adventure, and that’s pretty cool!

After 18 years with Luke, I can still say I love and respect him more each day.  He’s an amazing father that puts up with the ongoing chaos without breaking a sweat.  He’s the perfect man… the whole package… I can’t complain!

So, to wrap it up… happy holidays to all of our family and friends.  I can’t deny one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is reconnecting with people and spending time celebrating all that’s wonderful.  There’s plenty of time throughout the rest of the year to complain about stuff!  December is for spending time with the ones you love and appreciating all the wonderful things you’ve experienced throughout the year! 🙂

Also, may all of us have a Happy New Year… let’s make 2011 an auspicious one!

Posted by jenn on 10:12 am - Tuesday December 14 2010

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