Summer Fun

I finally wrapped up this year’s schedule of fun for summer and am very excited, if I do say so myself…

School will get out for Aidan in a few weeks, so I want to try and keep him out and about so he doesn’t end up lounging around all day watching television and playing video games (Of course, there’s time for that too though).

I’m thinking we’re going to stick with Bright Horizons for another year and do three weeks of part-time camps there.  Aidan picked out a few interesting ones and they really have upped their game over the past couple of years.  He has a blast and gets to hang with all of his friends.  I’m still trying to get him interested in the art camp over at You Do the Dishes, but we’ll see. The little guy has developed quite an attitude! Skye will still have her Gymboree play and art classes, which never fail to make her laugh and smile.

As for the vacation plans, I tried to mix up the annual TN mountain-bound journey.  Instead of staying at Stone Mountain as a break on the way to the cabin, we’ll stay downtown Atlanta and try to check out Piedmont Park and the Botanical Gardens.  Grant Park and Oakland Cemetery would be pretty cool too… so, two nights.  Then, I scored a cabin closer to the back entrance of the Smokey Mountain Park.  It’s much better access and doesn’t require going through Gatlinburg… sweet! For the journey home, I’m thinking Columbus, GA.  There’s the Space Center and  some gardens there that might be fun. 🙂

If all that doesn’t wear us out, there’s always the Aquarium, a little water park down in Zephyrhills that I keep hearing about and the hose in the backyard.

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2 Responses to “Summer Fun”

  • Aunt Wanda says:

    I am tired just reading about what all you guys have planned.  What ever happened to go fish and scrabble while sitting at the dinning room table?  Slow it down take a breath enjoy the ride 🙂

    • jenn says:

      That sounds wonderful, but it doesn’t work with my kids… I can either keep them busy or have them whine, complain and destroy… LOL.