Spring Break 2012

Aidan’s Spring Break was met with much Disney magic… Three days, in fact.

We ventured over to Orlando and visited Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney.  We even had time for a character breakfast at the hotel with Pluto and Goofy in attendance for all of the screaming kids’ enjoyment.  We decided to try out the Wyndham across from Downtown Disney and think that’s our only regret. Next time, we’ll either drive back and forth or stay in the Grand Floridian like we’ve done in the past.  The variance in quality between the two is significant.  Although, I’m not sure if Skye would sleep in either one.  While the rest of the crew was exhausted by the end of each day, Skye managed to keep the energy going throughout the night.

The weather was perfect, and we captured some really beautiful pictures .  It was the Flower Festival at Epcot, which is something both Luke and myself had wanted to see.  It was pretty cool.  Good times, as always… it’s how we roll!


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