Summertime Chillin’

Well, summer has officially started and we’ve officially made it through a few weeks without the regular school schedule.  The extra hour has significantly reduced the morning chaos!

This summer, we kept Skye enrolled at Bright Horizons as an easy transition from preschool to a more “camp” type of atmosphere.  She’s having a blast doing swim class, cool themed activities and we’re even looking forward to a few field trips coming up.  We’ve been going there for about six years now if you include the time with Aidan, and they just all seem like family at this point.  The kids love it… we love it!

For Aidan, we did a few different things to mix it up a bit.  Turning eight in July, our thought was that he could use a little boredom.  Rather than paying for summer camps every week, it was decided to do a camp every other week.  We’ve filled in the other time with some pretty cool guitar lessons from the neighbor kid and days out with my folks or with me painting our own pottery and such.  He’s busy, but there’s time for boredom too while I get the work-from-home stuff done.  Currently, he’s obsessed with Minecraft, so that’s about as deep as conversations are getting these days.  Gaming is being regulated to avoid zombie brain-drain.  This week, he’s crashing stuff with his best friend and neighbor at the Museum of Science of Industry.  The feedback started out questionable, but they seem to be having more fun now.

Luke had last week off, and we had a blast exploring some old school Florida tourist spots.  We ventured over to Rock Springs for a picnic and went tubing. Later in the week, we revisited the Sponge Docks over in Tarpon where we ate at Hella’s.  Luke and I agreed Acropolis is better, but that’s just the smug seeping out. We walked the beach at Honeymoon Island and topped the weekend off by dropping the kids off at my parent’s house for a sleepover.  Nothing says vacation like staying up late listening to loud music and movies and then sleeping in and drinking coffee without any screaming or whining… Priceless!

Oh, Father’s Day and my birthday were last week as well.  Special thanks to my folks for taking me and Aidan out to lunch!  Luke still owes me Cirque du Soleil. Although, he did take me out for a pretty spectacular afternoon of food and fun. Turning 36 wasn’t so bad… It was a great day and I still feel like I’m in my 20s.  It’s all good!

With a few MOSI science camps, some cool field trips and such with Bright Horizons and another week with me and Luke on vacation, Aidan should be starting 3rd grade with a smile.

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