Disney Quest and sleepover adventures

For Aidan’s 8th birthday, we celebrated by taking him and his best friend to Disney Quest.  He had been there not too long ago with his friend during his birthday, and this is what he had decided on.  Afterwards, we were going to have his friend sleepover, which would be the first sleepover we’ve had […]

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Eight years…

Aidan turns eight today, and we spent the afternoon hanging out.  His wish for the day was to play video games and LEGOs and then follow it up with ribs and corn for dinner.  No problem… As he was watching some kind of Minecraft YouTube tutorial, I  inquired about a few of his favorites: Favorite color […]

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Old Glory…

Bright Horizons accepted an enormous challenge today and gathered all of the kids from the center out on the playground and constructed a flag out of their colored clothing!  Despite the heat, the kids waved Old Glory and smiled in celebration of America’s 236th birthday.  Can you spot Aidan and Skye?

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