Goodbye summer…

While I may get a little stressed as summer approaches and scheduling takes a turn, I always get sorrowful when it comes to an end.  I’m convinced this summer went by faster than any other, seriously.

Earlier in the year, we decided not to take an extended trip.  Instead, Luke took some time off work and we hung out and had adventures closer to home.  We did have some super fun adventures, from trapping a squirrel, Disney Quest for Aidan’s birthday, SeaWorld Aquatica, boating in a tropical paradise with the family  to wading in the springs at Rock City.  We visited the Aquarium, partook in some arts & crafts at You do the Dishes and even had a picnic or two at the park.  Oh, and a large plastic pool served as a dedicated source of entertainment for about two weeks before an animal or something took it out.

This summer, Skye learned to swim and went on her first field trip.  The girl has a true love for the water, no doubt! Both Aidan and Skye had fun at the Bright Horizons‘ camps.  The Hunter’s Green crew really does go above and beyond!  Thanks to them, I got to dabble in face painting… And, Aidan couldn’t be more excited about the “camp-out” this weekend.  He enjoyed a couple of MOSI camps and some guitar lessons as well.

Oh, congratulations to my folks… They moved into a cool new place this summer!  I’m waiting for the call where they’re heading out to water aerobics or Taco Night. 🙂

Summer 2012 was awesome!

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