Christmas 2012 – Congrats to Greta & Garry!

Christmas came and went, quickly as usual.  The kids declared this holiday the “best ever,” so that’s certainly something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy as parents.

Skye has turned into our little Barbie Rock Star, complete with hourly performances and practice sessions.  Aidan has buried himself into the world of Skylanders.  It’s all kind of cute, of course.

The best event to come out of this holiday was the news of Greta and Garry’s engagement.  They made the announcement at Christmas Eve dinner over at Garry’s.  Luke and I are both really excited for them and wish them all the happiness in the world.  They really do make a great couple.

It was really nice to have the family over for Christmas day.  We all ate way too much and left with smiles.

For others, my heart is heavy knowing that they were suffering from health issues or other life experiences that didn’t make this holiday the most joyous.  I’ve been there… There’s nothing you can say.  I really do hope 2013 brings only happiness and joy to all of us.

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