Spring Break 2013

For the first time in years, Aidan and I had Spring Break the same week!  We didn’t waste any time making the most of things…

Canoeing – Hillsborough River 

On the first day of Spring Break, we all loaded into a canoe and hit the Hillsborough River. We saw alligators, all kinds of amazing birds, turtles and even a little roach was spotted in the canoe that almost resulted in a capsize.  Thanks to Canoe Escape, it was a relaxing ride downstream only on the most perfect of days.  That left the rest of the afternoon for Aidan and Luke to hit the trails at Flatwoods.

Lowry Park Zoo

We took a few of the neighborhood kids to Lowry Park Zoo and ripped though the place.  Despite a bee infestation, limited food options, poor service, and ridiculously overpriced up-sell kiddie rides, the kids had fun running around and showed some genuine interest in the animals. I don’t know why this place is rated #1 by Parents Magazine.  Personally, I think it’s gotten worse over the years.  At the price they charge, why not just go to Busch Gardens?


Aidan dumped out all of his LEGOs in celebration of the week-long break.  We kept them out until Friday.  An army was constructed, and a few videos were taken of Aidan’s “how-to” insight.  I love that he still gets into building.  His imagination always makes me smile. He reminds me so much of his dad in that way!

Grandma & Papa Day

One of both kids’ favorite things to do is hang out with my mom and dad.  They spoil them rotten, and they both know they’re the center of their world whenever they’re around.  They take full advantage, no doubt!  My mom picked up Aidan and they spent the day together.  I was able to finally catch up on several pending errands that have been on my to-do list for far too long.  Then, my mom and dad took both kids out to dinner.  Luke was at a work thing, so I had a few hours of complete peace to gather my thoughts and do productive things like click through the channels and catch up with Facebook.  Precious time, indeed.  I’d say Aidan made significant strides in Minecraft that day as well.

Ybor City – GameTime

The original plan was to use our annual passes and go to the Florida Aquarium, but Aidan and Skye convinced me that strolling historic Ybor City and  hitting GameTime was a better idea. My highlight was lunch at Tampa Bay Brewing Company and the walk down 7th.

Santos Park (Ocala) 

The boys went biking and camping Saturday and Sunday in Ocala.  Aidan got to try out his new bike, and while they may have woken up to a very chilly morning, their adventure couldn’t have sounded like more fun.  There’s footage of the trails this time thanks to Garry’s GoPro, so we’re working on a video of Aidan’s mad skillz that we’ll post separately.  They rode 23 miles each over the two days there!

It should be noted that while the boys were out biking and camping, Skye and I had a sleepover complete with a day of shopping, pizza, hot chocolate, Barbie movies and more.  We stayed up late and slept in until 9am.  Nice!  Unlike the boys, we woke up warm and cozy. 🙂

Hyde Park St. Patrick’s Day Festival & Chalk Walk

Skye and I closed out Spring Break in style.  We hit Hyde Park Village and enjoyed the Chalk Walk, had an amazing lunch at Wine Exchange and of course did the bounce house, face painting and arts & crafts.  It was a beautiful day!


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