Road Trip 2013 – Smoky Mountains

The last week of summer is among us, and we’ve just returned from our semi-annual trek to the Smoky Mountains.   Instead of making a pit-stop in Atlanta again, we decided to bust it straight through to Wears Valley, TN where we rented a cabin. We like Wears Valley because it avoids all of the […]

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Stepniowski Family Values

I heard a HBR podcast not long ago that included an interview with the author of The Secrets of Happy Families.  I haven’t read this book, but the interview revealed some suggestions for managing families in today’s chaotic environment.  He suggests managing families using many of the tools we see used in successful organizations. More specifically, Bruce […]

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Aidan levels up on LEGOs

Aidan hasn’t had too much screen time this summer, so he’s spent most of his time reading and creating things with LEGOs. He did also enjoy a week at HCC for computer camp and a robotics themed week at MOSI.  And, he still enjoys hanging out with his friends at Bright Horizons as well.  Busy summer… […]

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Skye Sings Fifty Nifty…

Skye learns the United States at summer camp with a cute little song… Very Skye! “That’s it!”

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