Thanksgiving 2013

The Stepniowski family has enjoyed a relaxing and fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday this year as both Luke and Aidan were off for the week.  We traveled far and wide over to Pinellas county where we walked along the beach, had a picnic and explored Fort Desoto.  We had some culinary adventure as we journeyed over to the other side of Tampa for California Tacos… Totally worth it! The kids even got to sleepover with the grandparents twice, which is fun for all!

For Thanksgiving, we hosted a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.  From the stuffing and pierogies I love so much, to the juicy turkey Luke hooked up, it was a great day!

This weekend, we’re committed to getting a Christmas tree setup and then it’s back to the daily grind for a few weeks until the next holiday! <3


From left: Grandma Barbara, Papa, Grandma Greta, Garry, Me and in the front is Luke, Aidan & Skye

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