Spring Break Awesomeness

Although we didn’t go into Spring Break this year with too much planned, I’m going to go ahead and say it was one of the best yet.

We kicked things off with a little road trip to Kennedy Space Center… The kids enjoyed it more than I thought, and I’ll go ahead and sell Luke out by saying I busted him getting all teary eyed during more than one attraction.  I’ll admit that I did too, but seeing all of that human achievement and the possibilities of what may be are just overwhelming. It’s an amazing place to visit!

Aidan spent the week at a MOSI camp and had a blast!  They played Manhunt and Capture the Flag in the woods and even had time for Minecraft. He was genuinely having a great time.  Skye was at Bright Horizons, but took a break from the regular VPK schedule and had some fun coloring Frozen pages with her friends all week and dancing to the soundtrack. 🙂

There was a pizza party, a day trip to Ybor for lunch at Columbia and some ticket craziness at Game Stop… There was even a movie or two in there as well. The week was pretty action packed!

The pièce de résistance was certainly the spontaneous idea that Luke came up with. He suggested we load up the Forester with as much stuff as we could fit and head to Ft. Desoto for a night of camping on the beach.  Off we went… From my tent, I slept with Skye cuddled up next to me as I listened to the rustling ocean breeze off the mangroves and enjoyed a front row seat to the full moon.  It was kind of magical.  Raccoons stole our food and stuff too… So, there was no lack of adventure either.

Oh, and I did get a full day off with Luke that included lunch at my new favorite spot for fare, Edison.  How unfortunate that we forgot the gift certificate we meant to use.  Now we’ll have to go back.

Spring Break 2014… Memories were made!

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