Summer is here!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photographer capture our family… In fact, the last time we had any kind of professional photos taken was when Aidan was two.  Fast forward eight years, and a former student, photographer and good friend of mine offered to capture our “essence” at the USF Botanical Gardens.  I like the botanical garden idea because of the connection with our wedding and bricks in the Buttery Garden that still represent some happy times at Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.

The photos turned out great, and I sincerely think Sha Sha Photo for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime!

Based on how hot it was during this “photo shoot,” I can say summer has arrived.  The kids are out of school once again and savoring all that sleeping in and unrestricted video game time has to offer.  Of course, they are in camps as well.  Sadly, this will be our last few months at Bright Horizons as Skye finishes up her time there before kindergarten starts in August.  For one precious year, both kids will be attending the same school that just happens to be awesome and right around the corner.  I’m expecting good things…  Of course, I will sincerely miss the people at Bright Horizons Hunter’s Green, as they have been a positive part of my daily routine for almost eight years now.

Aidan’s returning to MOSI this summer for some STEM related camps and a canoe camp at Lettuce Lake Park too!  He’s into robotics, gaming design, etc. and of course there’s plenty of Minecraft in there too.  He’s not so happy about it, but I did ask him to set some goals for Code Academy for the summer so I can keep him learning.  Skye is taking swim classes and loves to work on craft projects, writing and coloring.  She’s our little “pop star,” as she so duly noted during her recent VPK graduation ceremony.

The highlight of the summer will have to be the New York trip I finally sold Luke on.  Some of my fondest memories include us flying up there in summer to catch a Broadway show for my birthday.  This year, we’ll celebrate mine and Aidan’s birthdays with a few days in the Big Apple catching The Lion King and visiting The Met.  It will be the kids’ first ride on an airplane, and it makes us feel much less guilty planning a ski trip without them in early 2015.

All in all, life is good… Really good.


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