New York City Stepniowski Vacation 2014

DAY 1  – We woke up at 5am to get ready, in the dark!

=====THE PLANE TRIP=====

The plane trip was nice, with no smelly people and the seats were comfy. It was my first plane trip, and we got to sit in the pilot seat for a quick pic! I used my iPod Touch to keep entertained, mostly playing Jet Pack Joyride. When we got to NYC two hours later, we had a crazy taxi driver that was scratching himself and going top speed down the road. And to think we payed him $40 dollars! When we used our credit card, he yelled at us to give him cash. NYC did kind of smell like poop, and it’s really noisy with horn honking and sirens.

=====NEW YORK CITY=====

The first thing we did was go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. While there, we saw medieval armor and swords going back to B.C! We saw the roman and greek gods in statue form that were kind of inappropriate knowing the romans and greeks… lots of private parts! We went back to the time of kings in France and saw lots of luxury items. My favorite exhibit was the medieval exhibit because of the swords and armory. We had a snack at the café and saw the Egyptian exhibit. Mom liked the modern art, but I didn’t get it. Dad said he remembers going there a lot as a kid.  He loves it!

I noticed there are a lot of street vendors selling food.  We had hot dogs and stale pretzels for lunch.

Afterwards, we went to claim our hotel room at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton in Time.s Square. Very nice, but I did find a roach in the bathroom as soon we got there. Mom hates bugs! We went to dinner at Amarone in Hell’s Kitchen that had terrible overpriced food. I would not recommend it. My mom’s pasta is much better!

That night, we walked around Times Square. There were a lot of ads and people everywhere. We checked out a few stores, but nothing was interesting.

DAY 2 – Woke up to insane bacon fest breakast at the hotel!


My dad and I got dizzy, so we had to go. We did look through the binoculars first and saw the whole city. My mom was right to say NYC is a concrete jungle!


We walked to Grand Central Station.  It had a cool ceiling and lots of stores.  There was even an Apple store! We were going to ride the subway somewhere, but bailed.

=====THE LION KING====

Yes we did! We saw the Lion King on Broadway, and it was amazing! There were lots of effects that made the story come alive! The people put a lot of work into making that show! I would give it a 9 ½ on the scale! My mom loves Broadway.  My dad used to take her to see shows for her birthday.  I saw her tear up a few times! Skye was even good! When we left, there was a naked cowboy strumming his guitar.  My mom said you call that “street performance”.

We ate at John’s Pizzeria that night and thought the food was great! It wasn’t better than my favorite pizza in Tampa, but it was close. It looked like an old church. We think it might even be one!

DAY 3 – Last day and another bacon fest breakfast!


The final morning, we took a trip to Central Park. The park had lots of rocks to climb. We played on the playground and had a ton of fun. We went to FAO Schwarz to look around. We got candy for days!!!!!!! 😀 They even had bacon candy. Mom had to check out the 5th Avenue Apple store next door.

The airport in NYC had broken air conditioning, but I did like the charging stations and tablets they had.  The plane was delayed, but we eventually got home.

NYC was awesome, but there’s no place like home!

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