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We split up for a few weeks this summer, with Aidan on a Poland adventure with his grandmother and myself headed to China and Hong Kong.


Aidan was excited to explore castles and spend time with our family there. His grandmother said he was a perfect gentleman… So, there’s that.


This was my second time visiting Pro QC’s offices in China.  I posted something regarding the factory auditing experience here. I really had fun visiting with our team there!

Along the way, I also visited all of this stuff:

Shanghai, China

Hotel: Ramada Plaza Gateway – Not bad at all. There’s also a Starbucks right outside. Right. Outside.

Viggio – After 19 hours of travel, I just wanted to sit for a few and drink a beer… or two.  It was about that time I realized that I couldn’t access gmail there this time. Of course, I already planned on not being able to access Facebook. But, it was harsh reality.

Ningbo, China

Hotel: Crowne Plaza City Center – No complaints here.

Moon Lake Park – One of those memories that stay with you, I spread out in the grass along the water and listened to a guy play a bamboo flute. I also put my tai chi skills to the test and joined in a group session… Turns out I don’t remember as much as I thought.

Shopping: Chenhuang-Temple Shopping Center (outdoors) & Wanda  Center (indoors) – It’s shopping, but it’s what I came up with when it rained. I scored all the traditional “Chinese” souvenirs at Chenhuang Temple.

Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum – The building looks “cold” at first, but the architecture and history are quite interesting.  Also, there are birds inside of the little holes, so the sound is really something. Museums are free there too.

Lao Wai Tan – Bars and places to eat that all meet on a picturesque waterfront. It reminded me of Ybor City.

Shenzhen, China

Hotel: Fuzon – Don’t do it, man. There’s better.

Our office is located in SeaWorld, an area with a myriad of international dining options and a big old boat, French Liner MS Ancerville in fact, right there in the plaza.. water light show and all. I woke up each morning and had coffee at Starbucks before walking over to our office in Seaview Garden.  Our office overlooks the boat and is surrounded by lush plumerias… It’s nice.  Before I hit the ferry to Hong Kong, I celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival for lunch at the office.

Hong Kong

Temple Street Night Market – The adventure was getting there.

Tian Tan (Big Buddha) & Po Lin Monastery – I conquered a fear of gondolas and climbed up 268 steps to appreciate a few zen moments and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.

Sik Sik Yuen Temple – What I didn’t know is that a cyclone warning had been issued, so the weather wasn’t perfect. But, I saw people using the fortune sticks just like the ones my grandmother got me at a yard sale years ago.  I tied a red ribbon to Yue Lao, the matchmaker god in charge of marriages, not knowing what the heck I was doing. And, I had some thoughtful moments in the wishing garden. I dig that stuff, rain or shine.

MTR – I felt like this was a highlight in itself. Figuring out how to get change, the tickets, etc. It was fun.

Overall… Awesome trip. Having an opportunity to explore new places is a highlight of my job. I will not complain.

My pics are here.

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