Poland Adventure!

Aidan ventured to Poland with his grandmother this summer.  His account of the two week adventure is described below:

I had just gotten out of school and was looking forward to going to Poznan, Poland for two weeks. I was excited to meet my family on the other side of the world and see towering castles and beautiful museums. My parents have always said how beautiful it is there!

My grandmother took me there to stay with her family, Arrick, Renata and Agata. They also had a very jumpy dog named Arnie who loved to play with me. Every night, we would stay up and play cards, Beriki, badminton, and darts.

We also went to visit both of my great grandparents on the Stepniowski side and also my great grandma Kowach in her apartment three times! It was fun to see photos of my dad when he was a kid.

We went to Malbork, my favorite part of the trip, which is the biggest Gothic castle of its time. We saw towers and huge rooms for dining and, of course, the toilet tower. We got to walk along battlements, see ruins,  and learn about Nicholas Copernicus who was the person who proved that we orbit around the sun and not the other way around.  We ate yummy food, saw markets, and just have a great time overall. 🙂

I was heartbroken when my two weeks was up and it was time to jump on more planes to get back to my home. Poland was like nothing I had ever seen before, and I would definitely go back if I could! My grandma said she might take me when she goes next year… awesome!

Pics are here. 


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