Aidan’s Summer Highlights – 2015

Aidan’s summary of summer 2015:

This summer was the most eventful summer I’ve had in a while, maybe in my whole life! I went to Poland on the other side of the world, I went flying in Garry’s plane around the Tampa Bay area, I had my birthday, and to top it all off, I’m going to middle school and we went on a Disney Cruise.

Of all of these things. I want to focus on the cruise and the plane ride. Though I am super pumped about middle school, the cruise was the best! We rode on the Disney Dream through the Caribbean, to the Bahamas for a day and last to the Disney island where we got to snorkel, swim, eat BBQ and enjoy the sun. We ate at a variety of restaurants on board, but I liked the Animator’s Palette the most. They had Disney animations all over the place and the walls moved to show ocean scenery on huge screens. There was even a giant talking turtle from Nemo that went around the room. The Royal Palace and Enchanted Garden were the other two restaurants that we ate at. There was a huge deck on the top with unlimited ice cream and food with a big screen where you could watch movies and swim. My age group had an area call The Edge where we did all sorts of fun stuff like Wii challenges and dance parties! They had a theatre where we watched live shows! We saw Villains and Charles Peachock who was a finalist juggler on America’s Got Talent!

The plane ride was also fun. We flew over Busch Gardens, Clearwater, the Sunshine Skyway, and even our house! Even after the trip, my dad wanted to go! It was really hot in the plane, but it was still SO MUCH FUN! Garry even built the plane himself! Very cool.

I went to a lot of beaches this summer and even went with my family from North Carolina to swim and play in the sand. I think we wore our bathing suits as much as we wore our normal clothes this summer!

 This was a very eventful summer, and I enjoyed myself a lot. But, now I have to conquer the 6th grade… This will be interesting.


Mom edits: Aidan’s “highlights” only include the last few weeks of summer.  A better recap would incorporate the amazing MOSI camps where he learned game design, played Minecraft and spent a week camping and swimming in Florida’s springs. He went to HOST camps with Skye for a few weeks where he competed in a county chess tournament and held his own.  Of course, there was the Poland adventure. An epic summer, indeed.

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