Skye Turns 7

You would think spending your birthday with princesses at Walt Disney World would be hard to beat… Honestly, that didn’t meet our expectations in the first place last year, but it’s certain idyllic.

This year, I wanted to again avoid having to host some sort of party where unknown children and their parents awkwardly hang out and we leave with a legion of gifts that my kid just doesn’t even need.  It’s not cool.  I’m done with those.

This year, I leveraged our membership at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and organized what would later be referred to as “the best birthday ever.” Straight from the source…

So, Skye wants to be a marine biologist.  She’s fascinated by these two local rescued dolphins that happen to have had a movie made about them. Granted, it’s a great story. That aquarium does good stuff. There’s no SeaWorld ethical consideration going on there for sure.

For the day, Skye spent some time (45 minutes) with a trainer and actually got to meet her dolphin friend Hope.  She saw Winter, but it was Hope that came out for the “interaction.” There was some hesitation when Skye realized that she had to handle dead fish, but she sucked it up and shined.

After that, we all loaded up on a CMA boat and surfed the bay looking for wild dolphins. We froze our butts off. But, eagle-eye Greta did spot a mom/baby and male dolphin little gathering of sorts. So, we followed them around for a few. Birthday girl even got to drive the boat, like a boss.

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Columbia over on Clearwater Beach. I had taken the kids there the first time we met Winter and Hope from afar, so it seemed symbolic somehow.

Here’s to 7… Working on 8.


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