So long tonsils & adenoids

Poor Aidan was once again called to the operation table… only this time it was to remove his tonsils and adenoids. It’s been a couple of years since our pediatrician started warning of his enlarged tonsils, and I admit that the poor kid always seemed to have a runny nose and cough.  Sinus infections get […]

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Skye’s 9 Month Check-Up

Skye’s nine month check-up was actually last week, but I’ve been spending too much time updating Twitter to focus on Majjix posts…lol But, seriously, it’s so hard to believe that my little girl is almost a year old.  And, she seems to be perfect in every way.  She’s crawling around, waving hello, clapping, lifting herself […]

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Skye's 6 Month Check-Up

Skye went for her immunizations yesterday and a little check-up.  It's hard to believe she's almost 16lbs now and 27" long.  That puts her at about the 50 percentile for weight and then 90 for height.  Although, they say you can't predict anything with height until they're two anyway. Everything went very smoothly.  I did explain […]

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From Boob to Bottle

Much unlike Aidan, Skye made the transition from boob to bottles effortlessly.  I'm about a week earlier than I had planned, but the opportunity presented itself so I took it before she changed her mind.  I do have to admit my boobs are not very happy about the situation.  I'm hoping they "adjust" very quickly.  Oh, I just can't wait for them […]

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Skye’s Reflux & Aidan’s Cough

Fowling in Aidan’s steps, it has become clear that Skye is having reflux issues.  At first, the signs were subtle.  I noticed she was starting to spit up quite a bit.  By quite a bit, I mean she was spitting up puddles anytime you laid her down and some of the time when you were […]

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Skye's 4 Month Check-Up

Skye met with Dr. Hoyos today for her four month check-up.  She's 14lbs and 25" long now, which puts here right in the 50 percentile.  In the next week or so, I'm hoping to start her on some oatmeal.  We're skipping the rice cereal for now because of her eczema and chance she might be sensitive to […]

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CCFA Take Steps 2009 – Team GottaGo!

Well, the day finally arrived when it was time to walk for a cause. I’ve always thought the idea of a fundraising walk was pretty cool, so I admit I jumped at the chance to be involved with one that was related to Crohn’s. I actually signed up before Skye was born, so my participation […]

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Skye’s tummy troubles

I finally broke down and took Skye to the doctor yesterday.  Her continuous screaming throughout the day and early evening really had me wondering if there could be some serious health issue at play.  Continuous crying during the day aside, she didn’t seem to be resting peacefully at night.  I would hear her tossing and turning and making […]

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