Skye Turns 7

You would think spending your birthday with princesses at Walt Disney World would be hard to beat… Honestly, that didn’t meet our expectations in the first place last year, but it’s certain idyllic. This year, I wanted to again avoid having to host some sort of party where unknown children and their parents awkwardly hang […]

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Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Spring Break Awesomeness

Although we didn’t go into Spring Break this year with too much planned, I’m going to go ahead and say it was one of the best yet. We kicked things off with a little road trip to Kennedy Space Center… The kids enjoyed it more than I thought, and I’ll go ahead and sell Luke out […]

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Shame on us… Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

I just realized that my last post was in November… No holiday greeting or Happy New Year salutation… How shameful?! Honestly, life is just busy.  But, it doesn’t mean we don’t love our friends and family that check out the site to see what we’re up to.  In fact, it’s true that you make time […]

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Thanksgiving 2013

The Stepniowski family has enjoyed a relaxing and fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday this year as both Luke and Aidan were off for the week.  We traveled far and wide over to Pinellas county where we walked along the beach, had a picnic and explored Fort Desoto.  We had some culinary adventure as we journeyed over to […]

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More feet…

Over the past eleven years, we have visited Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida several times.  Aside from being such a magical place, it’s also the spot where Luke and I were married.  I remember it like it was moments ago. We got some pretty cool pictures yesterday, including a few really amazing ones of the orchids […]

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Eight years…

Aidan turns eight today, and we spent the afternoon hanging out.  His wish for the day was to play video games and LEGOs and then follow it up with ribs and corn for dinner.  No problem… As he was watching some kind of Minecraft YouTube tutorial, I  inquired about a few of his favorites: Favorite color […]

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Old Glory…

Bright Horizons accepted an enormous challenge today and gathered all of the kids from the center out on the playground and constructed a flag out of their colored clothing!  Despite the heat, the kids waved Old Glory and smiled in celebration of America’s 236th birthday.  Can you spot Aidan and Skye?

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