Stepniowski Year in Review 2015

Epic. 2015 was epic. Highlights include: January Skye celebrated her 6th birthday in true princess style.  The whole family spent the day at Disney where Skye was turned into a princess for about fifteen minutes until the hair bands hurt and were immediately removed. We had dinner with the Disney characters and wrapped up the celebration […]

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Season’s Greetings & Welcome 2015 (2014 Updates)

The countdown to 2015 is on, and it’s around this time each year that I try to slow down a bit and reflect throughout the holiday season. I’m grateful for many things, but mostly family and friends. We were really happy to see many of our family and friends at a Lettuce Lake Park picnic. […]

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Skye’s 4th Birthday

Skye celebrated her 4th birthday this weekend surrounding by friends and family! She couldn’t have had a better day!

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Christmas 2012 – Congrats to Greta & Garry!

Christmas came and went, quickly as usual.  The kids declared this holiday the “best ever,” so that’s certainly something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy as parents. Skye has turned into our little Barbie Rock Star, complete with hourly performances and practice sessions.  Aidan has buried himself into the world of Skylanders.  It’s […]

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Aidan’s Xmas Gifts

On his own, Aidan went and wrapped up a gift for me and Luke.  On Christmas Eve, we opened these little boxes tied with red ribbon by Aidan himself.  It’s the first year he’s really thought about this, so we were proud. For Luke, had received a hand-drawn Santa and $5… lol For me, I […]

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Our rock star…

All Skye wanted for Christmas this year was a Barbie guitar, microphone and a dress like Kira in the movie… She was one happy little girl today!  

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Season’s Greetings – 2012

As we close out 2012, I’m not going to say it was all rainbows and unicorns or the best year ever.  But, it would be a far stretch to say that it was terrible.  We’re all happy and healthy, no doubt! Our house hit ten years old this year and has already started falling apart. […]

Disney Quest and sleepover adventures

For Aidan’s 8th birthday, we celebrated by taking him and his best friend to Disney Quest.  He had been there not too long ago with his friend during his birthday, and this is what he had decided on.  Afterwards, we were going to have his friend sleepover, which would be the first sleepover we’ve had […]

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