Skye Turns 7

You would think spending your birthday with princesses at Walt Disney World would be hard to beat… Honestly, that didn’t meet our expectations in the first place last year, but it’s certain idyllic. This year, I wanted to again avoid having to host some sort of party where unknown children and their parents awkwardly hang […]

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Stepniowski Year in Review 2015

Epic. 2015 was epic. Highlights include: January Skye celebrated her 6th birthday in true princess style.  The whole family spent the day at Disney where Skye was turned into a princess for about fifteen minutes until the hair bands hurt and were immediately removed. We had dinner with the Disney characters and wrapped up the celebration […]

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Shame on us… Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

I just realized that my last post was in November… No holiday greeting or Happy New Year salutation… How shameful?! Honestly, life is just busy.  But, it doesn’t mean we don’t love our friends and family that check out the site to see what we’re up to.  In fact, it’s true that you make time […]

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Spooky Time

This Halloween, Aidan decided to be a ninja and participated in the Pride Prowl at school.  Skye chose to be a Barbie skeleton (complete with matching Barbie).  At Bright Horizons, Skye’s VPK class performed Spooky Time… Presenting Skye as “the ghost”:  

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Road Trip 2013 – Smoky Mountains

The last week of summer is among us, and we’ve just returned from our semi-annual trek to the Smoky Mountains.   Instead of making a pit-stop in Atlanta again, we decided to bust it straight through to Wears Valley, TN where we rented a cabin. We like Wears Valley because it avoids all of the […]

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Skye Sings Fifty Nifty…

Skye learns the United States at summer camp with a cute little song… Very Skye! “That’s it!”

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Spring Break 2013

For the first time in years, Aidan and I had Spring Break the same week!  We didn’t waste any time making the most of things… Canoeing – Hillsborough River  On the first day of Spring Break, we all loaded into a canoe and hit the Hillsborough River. We saw alligators, all kinds of amazing birds, […]

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More feet…

Over the past eleven years, we have visited Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida several times.  Aside from being such a magical place, it’s also the spot where Luke and I were married.  I remember it like it was moments ago. We got some pretty cool pictures yesterday, including a few really amazing ones of the orchids […]

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