Ruth E. Siebmann (1933-2011)

My Oma, AKA grandmother, passed away earlier this week… kind of one of those situations that was “for the best.”  She was very ill in the later part of her life. The obituary… Ruth E. Siebmann (77) of Wesley Chapel, Florida died Tuesday afternoon, March 22, 2011.  She was preceded in death by her husband Gerhard […]

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Boy Scouts of America – Letter to Hunter’s Green Elementary

Ms. Tonelli, Aidan came home from school yesterday and had advised me that someone from the Boy Scouts was there promoting the organization and talking about a registration meeting they would be having.  He was very interested in the idea of camping and doing fun outdoor activities with friends.  But, I was put in the […]

Hunters Green Elementary – Poor Choice?

It is true that I toured private schools and ultimately ended up crossing my fingers when my School Choice lotto results came in.  I was so ecstatic that we had been approved for Hunter’s Green Elementary… it is, in fact, a Blue Ribbon School in a nice area.  Everything was going to be perfect! We […]

Disney Family Fun Not So Fun

Last spring, I came across a pretty cool publication that included a lot of different project ideas for kids.  A subscription was only $10, so I went ahead and gave it a try.  And, I even went as far as recommending it to a few friends. The first issue took a while to get here, and it […]

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Public Education Woes

Well, let me tell you that life within the public education system is much different than expected.  And, my expectations weren’t really set that high to start with.  The whole experience so far has been somewhat surprising because I felt we were somehow going to be exempt from all of these problems going to a […]

Say What AT&T?

OK, having gone through a number of cell phone providers through work and such, I realize that they all kind of suck when it comes down to it.  Either your reception sucks, the customer service sucks, etc.  But, I’ve reached a new level of disappointment in my latest interaction with AT&T Wireless. In order to […]

2009 Road Trip – Savannah, GA

The first stop on our southeast road tour was Savannah, GA.  I've always wanted to check it out, and it seemed like a perfect pit stop on what would be our nine day adventure.  The drive up went fairly quickly, although the "are we there yet?" comments did start about two hours in.  Fortunately, Luke had […]

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Bright Horizons – Field Trip Fail

So, the summer is still at a slow start with the Bright Horizons summer camp program.  As I write, I should be on the 2nd field trip with Aidan at Great Explorations.  But, on the way this morning, I picked up my voice mail from last night and heard that it was cancelled.  Apparently, the bus […]

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