Aidan’s Summer Highlights – 2015

Aidan’s summary of summer 2015: This summer was the most eventful summer I’ve had in a while, maybe in my whole life! I went to Poland on the other side of the world, I went flying in Garry’s plane around the Tampa Bay area, I had my birthday, and to top it all off, I’m […]

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Stepniowski Worldwide!

We split up for a few weeks this summer, with Aidan on a Poland adventure with his grandmother and myself headed to China and Hong Kong. Aidan was excited to explore castles and spend time with our family there. His grandmother said he was a perfect gentleman… So, there’s that. This was my second time […]

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New York City Stepniowski Vacation 2014

DAY 1  – We woke up at 5am to get ready, in the dark! =====THE PLANE TRIP===== The plane trip was nice, with no smelly people and the seats were comfy. It was my first plane trip, and we got to sit in the pilot seat for a quick pic! I used my iPod Touch […]

Summer is here!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photographer capture our family… In fact, the last time we had any kind of professional photos taken was when Aidan was two.  Fast forward eight years, and a former student, photographer and good friend of mine offered to capture our “essence” at the USF Botanical Gardens.  I […]

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Aidan levels up on LEGOs

Aidan hasn’t had too much screen time this summer, so he’s spent most of his time reading and creating things with LEGOs. He did also enjoy a week at HCC for computer camp and a robotics themed week at MOSI.  And, he still enjoys hanging out with his friends at Bright Horizons as well.  Busy summer… […]

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Goodbye summer…

While I may get a little stressed as summer approaches and scheduling takes a turn, I always get sorrowful when it comes to an end.  I’m convinced this summer went by faster than any other, seriously. Earlier in the year, we decided not to take an extended trip.  Instead, Luke took some time off work […]

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Summertime Chillin’

Well, summer has officially started and we’ve officially made it through a few weeks without the regular school schedule.  The extra hour has significantly reduced the morning chaos! This summer, we kept Skye enrolled at Bright Horizons as an easy transition from preschool to a more “camp” type of atmosphere.  She’s having a blast doing […]

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