Spooky Time

This Halloween, Aidan decided to be a ninja and participated in the Pride Prowl at school.  Skye chose to be a Barbie skeleton (complete with matching Barbie).  At Bright Horizons, Skye’s VPK class performed Spooky Time… Presenting Skye as “the ghost”:  

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Skye Sings Fifty Nifty…

Skye learns the United States at summer camp with a cute little song… Very Skye! “That’s it!”

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Our rock star…

All Skye wanted for Christmas this year was a Barbie guitar, microphone and a dress like Kira in the movie… She was one happy little girl today!  

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Happy Birthday Luke…

We love you!

New Year’s Resolutions – 2012

As many of you already know, Luke refuses to participate in making resolutions.  I can’t argue their self-defeating purpose, but I do participate in the tradition each year believing that I will somehow become a better person for it. My resolutions are pretty simple this year. 1) Quit biting my nails (don’t judge). 2) Get everything submitted […]

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Skye Riding Slides Solo


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Aidan’s LEGO Lessons

Aidan has requested I record a series of lessons to teach myself and others how to be a LEGO master.  He has three lessons so far that can be found on YouTube. To be honest, Aidan is pretty talented when it comes to LEGO building.  He’s able to go through the millions of pieces we’ve […]

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Skye loves the park

We’ve finally gotten some relief from the smoldering heat of summer, so Skye and I have been visiting the the local parks every chance we get.   She is truly fearless, much unlike Aidan who was always so careful.  She loves being outside and will undoubtedly say “park” if you ask what she’d like to […]

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